Engine Light

Folks, I wanna share my car’s experience. It is Honda Civic LX 1998.


  • the engine light was on (I checked twice at AutoZone for free and the result was: misfire in cylinder 2).
  • at low speed the machine ran hard and got ‘cough’.
  • its sound was like a sport car: noisy.


  • I replaced the spark plugs and set their spark gaps as mentioned in the manual book of Civic LX (1.0 – 1.1 mm) using a spark gap tool.
  • I filled the tank with the Super Unleaded gasoline (I preferred V-power from Shell).
  • I use the high mileage engine oil since it has traveled for 180000 miles (I chose Pennzoil).
  • finally, I replaced the muffler of my car’s exhaust system for it had a big hole on the upper site.


The engine light is off! (it was not off immediately, though; I had to wait for one day to see this happened automatically).


I think the problem was not only in the cylinder but also the pressure in the tank. V-power ‘washed’ the tank and that influenced the pressure. Additionally, I think it’s better to use spark plug that has no need to adjust its gap. I don’t know for sure, though.

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