Frontiers in GIScience

Spring 2009: GEOG695-Frontiers in Geographic Information Science (GIScience)

Week 1: Overview of Recent GIScience Research Priorities (;;
Week 2-3: Wikification of GIS and its Impacts (Open-source/Free GIS; KML; Web 2.0; Volunteered Geographic Information; Neogeography; Citizen Science).
Week 4-5: Scientific Frontiers (New spatial ontologies: Is spatial special?; Representations of Space and Time; Spatial and temporal Scales; Spatially Integrated Social Sciences; Spatial Cognition; Uncertainty in Geographic Information).
Week 6-7: Computational/Technological Frontiers; Computational models of space; Geocomputation; Spatial data acquisition and integrating remotely acquired data; Distributed, grid computing, and ubicomp; The future of the spatial data infrastructure (SDI) & volunteered geographic information (VGI); Visualization Frontiers and spatialization of non-spatial information.
Week 8-9: Spatial/temporal Analysis and Modeling Frontiers (Data mining and knowledge discovery; Geographically-weighted regression analysis; Spatial dimensions of the small world (complex networks).
Week 10-11: Ecological & Social Frontiers (Legal/Ethical & Aesthetic Frontiers; Information ecology; Social informatics; GIS and Society; Legal/ethical limit(s) of GIScience; Humanistic GIScience and affective computing)
Week 12-13: Application Frontiers (GIScience and public health research; GIScience and homeland Security; GIScience and global change studies; GIScience and urban regional studies; GIScience and earth system model; GIScience and spatially integrated social science & humanities.
Week 14-15: Student Research Paper Presentation.

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