VGI for Emergency


The participation of large numbers of private citizens who are informal in the creation of geographic information is widespread for centuries and has been reserved to official agencies. This participation becomes a dramatic innovation that will certainly have profound impacts on geographic information systems (GIS) and more generally on the discipline of geography and its relationship to the general public. This phenomenon is called volunteered geographic information (VGI), a special case of the more general Web phenomenon of user-generated content such as Wikimapia, a service allowing citizens to provide descriptions of places of interest to them; Picasa, a collection of worldwide geo-referenced photographs; OpenStreetMap, a volunteer effort street map project of the entire world; and Google Earth, a software that is link to the internet and provide satellite image of the globe with geography information that can be provided by public from everywhere. This technology can be used to share information about the emergency situation to others. Emergency manager can use the data to further emergency management and decision making. This paper also discusses about the uncertainty of geography information for the uncertainty of an unpredicted emergency event.

Read full article in PDF.

[Diikutsertakan dalam ICONES 2009]

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