World Bank & OpenOffice

ooSaya mendapat email dari seorang kawan di suatu milis. Isinya tentang informasi ketersediaan komputer bekas dari kantor World Bank di Banda Aceh untuk disumbangkan kepada masyarakat/sekolah. Yang menarik adalah bahwa ternyata World Bank menggunakan OpenOffice!

Download formulir permintaan komputer dari World Bank (Anda harus memiliki OpenOffice untuk membukanya).

Ini email lengkapnya:


Dear Bapak/Ibu,

The World Bank offices in Indonesia have retired more than 300 desktop and notebook computers, a part of which are in Banda Aceh office. The retired computers are equipped with keyboard, mouse and a power cord, but without a monitor. They are in good condition, with Windows XP and Open Office installed. Technical specifications of the computers are available upon request.

The computers are ready for donation to charitable non-government organization (NGOs) and schools who may find them useful to support their charitable activities.

We are inviting proposals from organizations and schools to receive the computers. We encourage Banda Aceh area based organizations and schools to participate. Submitted proposals will be evaluated by a committee that will evaluate proposals according to defined selection criteria. If you recognize an organization that would benefit by acquiring the computers, please forward the attached file, to the organization’ s personnel. Information on this donation program, selection criteria, how to submit proposal, as well as proposal form is included in the file, written on Bahasa Indonesia. Completed proposal must be submitted no later than Friday, 6 November 2009.

PDF Format

(See attached file: DonasiKomputerWorld Bank.pdf)
WORD Format

(See attached file: DonasiKomputerWorld Bank.doc)
Queries on this matter should be directed to Carolyn F. Usmany (Lolo) at email address cusmany@worldbank. org or at phone number (021)5299-3000.

Thank you very much for your help in disseminating this program.

Budi S. Matondang

Tel: +62.21.5299- 3085 World Bank Office, Jakarta
E-mail: bmatondang@worldban
WBOJ – IT Support ‘ext 4848 *itsupportindonesia@ worldbank. org


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