My Letter to Gov. Perry

This is my letter to Texas Governor, Rick Perry.

Dear Mr. Perry

My name is Arif Arham. I am from Aceh, Indonesia. I am also an Aggie who was a graduate student of Geography in Texas A&M University (August 2007-May 2009). Now, I am a public servant in the Bureau of Development, the Office of Governor of Aceh. I write this letter because I need your advise in managing Aceh through one simple question: what would you do if you were the Governor of Aceh?

Aceh almost similar to Texas in term of its natural resources and people. We have gas, gold, and a good place for agriculture and fishery industries. Texas is well known in Aceh as a cowboy land since we enjoy cowboy movies. Generally, our democracy system is almost similar to the US. Aceh has the executive, legislative, and judicial branch as in Texas. After tsunami on December 26, 2004, we have to rebuild Aceh, and we want to build it better. But, what does it mean? How can we do it? What do we need?

When I saw a GDP comparison between Texas and our country I just realize that I had been in a really great state for two years. I also read “Investing in Texas: A guide for foreign investment”. Therefore, I understand more about what “everything is big in Texas” means. In addition to know how Texans manage their community, I had visited the regular session of the City Council of College Station twice and saw a true democracy applied by your people. I was impressed. So please make me impress again by giving us an advise to build our community better.


Arif Arham

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