GIS Day 2009


  • “The Geography of Business Analytics” by Adam Pittman, ESRI: Explore the value of geo-demographics and spatial analytics to better understand and make business decisions related to market penetration, site selection, competition, and risk.  Government, utilities, and commercial companies are increasingly aware of the potential and value locked away in their business data. While it is well known that 80 percent of all business data has a spatial component, there is less awareness of how to fully harness and exploit this asset.  This session discusses ongoing developments in ESRI GIS technology to support spatially extended business processes.
  • “Google Earth Demo: Beyond the 15 minute Vacation” by John Marino, Former Student, Department of Geography.
  • “New Orleans and Katrina: Uneven Impact, Uneven Recovery” by John Logan, PhD, Professor, Department of Sociology Director of S4 (Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences) Initiative, Brown University: New Orleans has experienced a very incomplete recovery from Hurricane Katrina, and different groups of the population have suffered disparate impacts.  This presentation will focus especially on the spatial unevenness of the initial damage caused by the storm and the subsequent recovery.  Key questions are whose neighborhoods were hardest hit and where has population returned.  New analyses of the dynamics of the housing market will further illustrate the premise that while the city as a whole is “back to normal,” some parts of the city remain crippled four years later.

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