Canon MP198 on Ubuntu 9.10

To use a multifunction (printer and scanner) Canon PIXMA MP198 on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala), follow these steps:

A. Get the drivers (applicable for other Canon’s products).

  1. Go to
  2. Look at “Multifunctional” category, choose “PIXMA MP190”.
  3. In PIXMA MP190’s page, choose “Linux” as the operating system, select your language, then press “Submit”.
  4. Two options appear, so choose “Debian Linux Printer & Scanner Drivers”.
  5. At the bottom line, click “MP190_debian_drivers.tar”, accept the agreement, then download the file.

B. Installation

  1. Download libcupsys2 and double click on it to install (or you can also try this way).
  2. Extract MP190_debian_drivers.tar (right click on the file, select Extract Here); then, install Debian packages (.deb) one by one starting with the “common” packages. Alternately, you also can install all of them at the same time by moving them in to the same folder, then using Application>Accessories>Terminal type this command in that folder: 
    sudo dpkg -i *.deb

  3. Plug the printer’s USB cable to computer, turn printer on, then Ubuntu will recognize the printer automatically; in the end, try a print test page.


If it goes wrong, type these commands in Terminal:
sudo chown -hR root /usr/lib/cups/filter
sudo chown -hR root /usr/lib/cups/backend
sudo chgrp -hR root /usr/lib/cups/filter
sudo chgrp -hR root /usr/lib/cups/backend

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9 Responses to Canon MP198 on Ubuntu 9.10

  1. DB Mochran says:

    Thank you, its very useful for me

  2. dme3ha says:

    terima kasih atas guide-nya. saya terapkan di linux mint isadora, bekerja sempurna. saya ijin pinjam alamat situs saudara dan saya share di Community Linux Mint ya. sekali lagi terima kasih…

  3. Habib Fikri says:

    terimakasih… sangat berguna buat yg baru belajar ubuntu.. :)

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  5. Ali ridha says:

    many people try to use ubuntu.
    but they can find software for

    thank you.

    • khazanaharham says:

      You’re right. However, it’s an open source project, not a commercial one. Community provide the software. Be part of it!

  6. eka says:

    mantap..terimakasih pak arif… :bd

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