Dr. Surin Pisuwan

Dear Dr. Surin

I would like to thank you for encouraging us to help Japanese by initiating ASEAN Youth Caravan of Goodwill.

As I said to you directly on the way to the memorial place of Ishinomaki, we are lucky to have you as a Secretary-General of ASEAN for you have made ASEAN better known, at least for us, the people of the region. In fact, the caravan was a smart initiative for the world from the ASEAN community.

Now, I realize that I shouldn’t stop on that point. I believe that every one on earth deserves a peace environment through a creative way; out of the box. The caravan made me understand that if we unite as a community, we are really big. When I say “community” it does not only means the ASEAN formal summit by the ministers or head of the states; rather, it is a gathering of the ordinary people of the region to share the differences and spirit of the peace world we want to be.

Therefore, I have a wish you may accomplish. I wish you run for the office of the Secretary-General of The United Nations for 2012-2017.

In this very moment, the world needs a leadership to share and to care. I know you can lead us to make it happens, as we did in Miyagi.

Banda Aceh, 8 June 2011

Arif Arham

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2 Responses to Dr. Surin Pisuwan

  1. Thanks Arif for posting the letter. Did you send the letter to Dr. Surin also? I’ve informed SG Surin about it. I accidently found it when I searched news about ASEAN caravan just now, Cheers,



    Khazanah Arham said:

    Yes, I sent it to his email :-)

  2. kennoy says:

    totally agree every each you say,arif..

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