QGIS for Android

GIS to go? Yes, now it’s already available in Quantum GIS family in a testing stage. It will help you in field data capture or management; field inventorying; tracking; Location Based analysis; taking georeferenced pictures; etc. In short, it means you have a GIS tool in a GPS (and phone, camera, game) device. You can read more about it in opengis.ch.

Wanna try? All you have to do are:

  1. Grab an Android gadget.
  2. Using any browser in your gadget, go to QGIS’s repository for downloading qgis-installer.apk.
  3. Run qgis-installer.apk and click (I mean touch) “Download and install QGIS (recommended)”. The download is about 83 MB big. Of course, you can choose “Donate to QGIS” too :-)
  4. After the installation, open QGIS and choose “OK” if it requests Ministro or other  dependencies.


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