Computational Frontiers in GIScience

Information technology has been growing expansively in the last ten year both hardware and software. From the hardware site, mobile computing is very popular for communication and work. Laptop, Global Positioning System (GPS), and cellular phone are three top mobile gadgets that are used by people around the world for daily-based activities. Basically, laptop can be used for work, entertainment, and communication using internet technology; GPS can be used in car for identify location on Earth using satellite; and cellular phone can be used for communication. Nowadays, the capabilities of those gadgets are improved so they can be used for more other needs since the computer software has been also developed rapidly for many purposes. For full computing experience, laptop can be installed many useful software in which location of the laptop can be detected by others using GPS or the brand new internet-based application called “Google Latitude”. GPS is also become a multifunction gadget since it is implanted with multimedia player so user can navigate, drive and listen to music simultaneously. In addition, cell phone is more powerful since it is also has capability for navigating, playing multimedia, typing, browsing, and gaming. In short, computer hardware and software development change the way we work and travel into a worldwide networking activities.

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